Is a Zotac Geforce 460 768mb quieter than the 1GB version?

I have a 200 dollar credit at an electronics store that I need to use by tomorrow.

My only real choices are the Zotac 460 768MB and the 5770.
Im aware the 460 is a better card but noise level is a big issue for me.

My concern after reading reviews about the Zotac 460 cards is that the 768mb version will be as loud as the 1GB version which has been reported as very loud.

Does anyone have experience with the 768MB version? Does the 1GB version have a different cooler than the vs 768mb? Will the 768mb be quieter than it's bigger brother?

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.
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  1. If you mainly do photoshop and only slight gaming I would probably get the 460 768mb version unless the 1gb is the same price. What store is this? I could browse their site.

    By the way the 460 is much more powerful the other two cards.
  2. The store is futureshop. But I have to use my credit at one specific store which unfortunatly doesn't carry many cards. Their two best are the 460 768mb and 5770 1gig.

    The final piece of the puzzle for me is the noise issue I've read about with the zotac 1gig 460. Could the 768mb be qieter on idle ?
  3. Where did you hear about these very loud?

    Seems fine to me.
  4. Pretty sure the Amp Edition has a different cooler or something that keeps the noise level down compared to the original.

    Here is the link to the same chart with the original 1 gig Zotac 460
  5. Oh I thought the only Zotac was the Amp edition, anyway, those still arn't bad. Especially when your only other option is 5770 and its SO much worse in terms of performance.

    I can barely hear my dual 260's and look where they are on that chart you just posted.

    So thats the only 460 the store has?
  6. Unfortunately yes. I say unfortunately only because the reviews I've read all say the Zotac is the loudest of all the brands because of this custom cooler on the 1 gig version.

    Pretty sure I read somewhere that the 768mb version has a different cooler. But no word on the noise level. Ill try to dig up the resource.
  7. I see, like I said even my 260's are up there, and I have two of them, they don't bother me.

    Would that 460 thats 768mb be the Synergy Edition?
  8. That looks just like the synbery version which if you look at the reviews on newegg they say its very quite.
  9. Ha nice catch Helltech.

    Can't tell if that second reviewer is being sarcastic or not tho...

    here is the quote I was referring to about Zotac 460 coolers

    "ZOTAC's GeForce GTX 460 1GB card is a reference model through-and-through, save for the custom decal that adorns its fan shroud, that is. This 1GB card sports a different cooler than the 768MB variant, which is more reminiscent of GeForce GTX 200 series cooler--only smaller. The PCB is the same length as the 768MB model, but the ZOTAC 1GB card's output configuration is different."

    Can't tell if the author means the 1GB is reminiscent of GeForce GTX 200 or the 768MB is. And whether or not that's a good thing or not.

    I may also be losing my mind :D
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    Well judging from the reviews I'd say its quiter, to top that off as I said its so much better then the other cards you have to pick out its worth it for the noise. Plus you can turn the fan down when you're not gaming if tempuratures permit.

    I can't believe I can't find anything on this 768 version by the way.
  11. I agree its strange...

    Thx a lot for the effort.
  12. Just got and installed the Zotac 460 768mb.

    Definitely not a loud card when idle. At least not when compared to my previous Ati 5750.

    I'm a happy camper.

    Thanks again Helltech for pushing me over the edge to get the 460 card.
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  14. Haha, well like I said even if it was loud, you would have been dissapointed if you got one of the others, I couldn't let it happen :P.

    Anyway I'm glad it worked out for you, hopefully this thread will help anyone looking to find out about the noise of that card since we couldn't find anything.
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