Pc shutting off, instability, bluescreens

Hello there!

I have had tons of problems with my computer the last month or so. Had bluescreens (memory dump), and MEMTEST86 showed errors when tested. However the shop I bought the RAM from could not get any RAM-errors when tested, so I brought it back home and tried it again (checking that all RAM timings and voltage were correct). More problems. Took the RAM back, they said there might be problemwith this brand of RAM with some motherboards (GEIL ram, ASUS motherboard). Got new RAM, Corsair.

Installed the new RAM, and the system works much better (no bluescreens in windows, system much more responsive). It still feels a little unreactive tough, especially while copying and installing files the computer seems very slow. Transfer speeds (copying files) are varying, but seems slow.

The real problem shows itself when gaming; the games are laggy in general, and after a while the computer freezes up, and nothing but reboot can be done. In alot of cases the computer doesnt even freeze, it just shuts itself straight off. No reboot, straight off.

I tested a new graphics card today, wich resulted in graphic artifacts in windows, and even less stability.

I flashed the motherboard BIOS, to no help.

I have checked the harddrives with WDC Data LifeGuard. No errors.

I have "error-checked" the drives from the Tools menu under properties of the harddrive. No errors.

I have monitored the temperatures on CPU, motherboard and graphic card, all way under the danger line.

Im really getting stuck here, where is the next step to try? I can only think of the motherboard or the CPU itself, altough my shop tells me there is very little chance of that being the suspect. I am really stuck. Anyone have some tips?

Heres the specs:

motherboard: Asus P5Q Pro Turbo
cpu: Intel Q9450
ram: Corsair XMS2 DDR2 4GB (2x2gb)
Internal hd: WDC 2tb Green
Graphics card: Asus HD4850
Windows 7 64 bit

Nothing is overclocked, all running at default settings.

Thanks in advance!

Magnus S W

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  1. The default bios settings may be incorrect for your RAM. Find the RAM settings and manually force those (timings and voltage) in the bios.
  2. what is your power supply
  3. PSU is a 550W Corsair.
    I have updated BIOS (newest version) to no help. RAM settings are the way they should be.

    Also tried reinstall of OS. No help.
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