Problems with GTX 460 lines on screen

I recently installed a GTX460 graphics card along with a 520W PSU. It worked fine for about an hour, but on a restart the boot-up screens and windows screens are almost unreadable, with flickering lines, random keyboard symbols and colours flashing all over the screen. The Asus "Smart Doctor" gives a message "cannot retrieve graphics card information" or something similar.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, removed and replaced the card, etc, but still the same. Is the card simply defective???
any help would be appreciated guys!
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  1. Having problem with GTX 460 768mb myself, after installing drivers and re-boot the system will not restart and the couple of times I did get it running it was very unstable and would go to a green screen and hang. I'm hoping it's just a driver issue and new software will resolve the problem.
  2. I've seen some websites that criticize the "Asus Smartdoctor" program. I tried removing that but it made no difference at all. The card has since been sent back to the retailer under warranty.
  3. After you get your card back, make sure you install it with the latest version of driver...
  4. Sorry, but downloading the latest drivers don't work either: I recently bought a NVIDIA GTX470 ("Point of View") and I'm getting the same weirdness gav24088 gets. I downloaded both the display drivers recommended by my linux distribution (Fedora 12) as the latest from nvidia. After that, I tried other linux distro's, older and newer ones (Knoppix 5, 6, Fedora 13), still no difference...
    I've opened a thread here about my problem:
    There's also someone else suffering of the ~same problem:

    The suspicious thing is that I've got also a ASUS mobo (P7P55D-E)... But since I use Linux, I didn't approach the "Asus Smartdoctor", so don't expect the problem lays there.
  5. VIDEO: :D
    Just for more information of my problem:
    this is the link to the video of the screen corruption part of the problem:

    Does this video matches (parts of) your problem? I'll be glad to know!
  6. Ok, I sent my card back for RMA and the manufacturer confirmed the card was broken (probably RAM).
    Now, I bought a MSI PCI-e GeForce GTX470 Twin Frozr II 1.28GB, let's hope it will do better...
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