Amd 1055t - how to underclock?

I have an AMD Phenom II X6 1055T and a MSI 870A-G54 AM3 mobo. I would like to try underclocking the CPU to see if it makes any difference with some issues I'm having. I have no idea how to do that, though. Anyone have any info on how to do that?
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  1. Might be better to discuss the actual issues you are having first, then plausible solutions....
  2. if you like :)
    it's discussed at some length here and i've been screwing with this for 5+ months now so I'm just desperate to try something that hasn't been tried and trying to think of how to see if the CPU is causing the problem.

    executive summary:
    my computer freezes up sporadically for a half second or so (previously thought it was just the audio, but I'm not basically sure that everything is also halting), but only when an ethernet cable is connected.
    Have already RMA'd the motherboard and attempted a number of other things to isolate the problem. There have been a few inconclusive indications that it's external, but a greater number of inconclusive indications that it's internal.. i think.

    tried with alternate ethernet card, alternate psu, outside the case, alternate power cable, alternate ethernet cables, different rooms, one different house, different sound cards, different gpu, insured that house wiring is grounded, hooked ethernet through grounded surge protector, RMA's motherboard etc

    the only situation that didn't have the problem was when it was hooked up at my friend's house for a day, but I'm not convinced now because I had it seem to be working for a similar amount of time back at its normal location a few weeks later.. not sure what caused that momentary improvement.

    the problem can be unpredictable and usually gets better with the computer being restarted after which it will usually take an hour or day to start doing it again
  3. i haven't noticed the problem too much playing games, but i don't play games very often and i don't notice brief glitches as much since i'm used to having a fairly crappy system. it definitely does it doing things in general. do you think there's any reason it would do it everywhere but not in games?
  4. i'm not really sure what i'm looking for in device manager.
    i have an ide ata/atapi controllers heading so i go to properties of the first listed under that (ata channel 0) but i do not see a speed showing. under details there's a number of properties i can select but i don't see a speed..

    i'm on windows 7 home premium

    i play games at 2056 x 1152


    CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8GHz Six-Core Processor
    Motherboard: MSI 870A-G54
    Case: Antec Three Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower
    Power Supply: COOLER MASTER Silent Pro 700W
    RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM
    GPU: XFX Radeon HD 5770 1GB
  5. it's not reporting any speed, like i said above.. i do not see it listing a speed anywhere. could you be more specific about where i should be looking?
  6. i don't have any 'sata controller' under device manager. i have 'ide ata/atapi controllers' and the first one under that 'ata channel 0' under properties under advanced settings it does say ultra dma mode 6. i also have standard dual channel pci ide controller, but that's not the first one in the list.

    the problem takes some time to manifest after a reboot, but once it's started it stops immediately when i unplug the ethernet cord and starts right back up as soon as i put it back in
  7. i've actually already tried with 4 different ethernet cables in various configurations.. i'm relatively confident that not all of them are bad.

    i'll throw a different one for now though and see if anything seems to change.

    not really sure what these cables specs are they're fairly old.
  8. i'll give it a shot. it sometimes takes a few hours after rebooting before it screws up so i might not have a result for a while (which is probably the most irritating part of this problem..)
  9. i should note also that i have tried with a pci ethernet card and it was doing the same thing. haven't tried safe mode before though
  10. hmm looks like i can't play audio in safe mode... 'audio service isn't running'

    that will make the problem very difficult to detect

    i'll try installing that driver though
  11. Tell me more about your ethernet connection.
  12. It seems to be leaning towards your ethernet connection.
  13. typically modem connects to router upstairs and 50 ft cable runs from upstairs to my office in the basement where there's a switch that then connects to my computer through a surge protector.
    however I have tested going directly from the modem with the computer upstairs, with a variety of different ethernet cables, even with the ethernet cable plugged straight into a laptop's ethernet port (that was running on battery and not plugged into an electrical outlet).

    how would i uninstall my ethernet adapter? just from the device manager?
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  15. i use miscrosoft security essentials but i also am not installing a bunch of crap from the internet. pretty sure the symptoms indicate something hardware related.. that's what all the techs i've talked to have concluded
  16. i'm running that latency checker.. haven't got above 366.. but it also hasn't been glitching recently
  17. oh ***! it just went up to 154000... extreme. and it was while it was glitching. i'm going to try that new network driver i think.
    man. exciting.
    so i uninstalled the driver and reinstalled the one linked above.. it went pretty high during the driver installation a few times, and it appears to still be spiking with the new driver, and still glitching :/
  18. OK, now read this

    Do a backup on your files (My documents) and all your other files in your Windows partition (except foe the windows files, of course). It's best to have a partition just for the OS on your HDD.

    Then try disabling the devices one at a time like it says in there if you can't find the culprit do a clean OS install. After instaling the OS do a restore point (All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore.

    Install the motherboard drivers. Check with DPC. Everything OK, create a new restore point. Install the video card drivers (get the NEWEST ones). Check again. If OK, create restore point. If not go back to the previous restore point (again, Accessories/System tools/System restore) and try some other drivers.

    Now you have the drivers installed and a restore point to go back without reinstalling the OS in case something goes wrong.

    Install your applications one by one and check after each of them. Try Avira or AVG free.
  19. wow i just found a thread on of people having pretty much the same problem as me. hilariously good timing perhaps.. i'm installing the latest windows update which reportedly might make all my troubles go away.

    it's definitely the ethernet driver since disabling that fixed everything; and i notice that with utorrent running things get worse
  20. here's the thread where people are having basically the same problem:

    after the update my average is considerably lower, but i'm still getting spikes of up to (so far) 116000 and it appears the culprit is tcpip.sys (TCP/IP Driver, Microsoft Corporation). Spikes seem to generally be lower, but still pretty regular.. however I'm not hearing it in the audio yet.. I'll have to keep my computer running overnight and see how things progress from there.

    btw they recommend a program called latencymon.. similar to dpc latency checker advised here but it will say what the responsible driver is. it doesn't show real time results, but you can see exactly what drivers are doing what.

    Then if absolutely necessary I may try reinstalling the operating system, but I'd really rather not have to do that.
  21. yep i installed that driver you mentioned.. that's why i thought it a bit weird that latency mon is saying the problem is with the windows tcp/ip driver.. shouldn't it be using the realtek one?
    anywho i ran those commands and rebooted.
    i gotta go to bed now but i'm going to leave it on overnight and see what it's doing in the morning.. thanks for your help!
  22. You haven't reformatted yet?

    Not much left to change out but the data (drivers or virus issue?) and/or HD.

    My buddy somewhat had that issue and fixed it with a reformat, bad driver we figured.
  23. Some people I found having the exact same problem as me reformatted to no avail.

    The windows update seems to have helped considerably.. I haven't had any audio distortion yet, but I am still seeing latency spikes. Not sure what it is about the default windows 7 tcp/ip driver that so dislikes my system.
    also wouldn't reinstalling a driver replace the messed up one if that was the issue without needing a full reformat?
  24. Maybe it's because of the built in auto scan for wireless, try this:
  25. it's interrupting audio again and tcp/ip driver by microsoft is responsible. it does it every 40 seconds, though i'm hearing the effect and seeing the result a little bit further apart now (only difference being a recent windows update).. when utorrent is closed it seems to fix itself though. Makes sense given that's more than normal amount of connections for it to be handling.

    I'm gonna try the msconfig stuff.
    re: wlan. I would say it's not scanning for any wireless because I don't have a wireless card.
  26. Alright this file is super huge! I feel odd posting so much text all at once, so i put it on sendspace
  27. "go to msconfig then click on original boot.ini" could not be done because i didn't see any option to do that. so i just unchecked my startup programs and disabled all non-microsoft services (there is a 'use original boot configuration' but it was ticked and greyed out). Log is still there for ya if it means anything.. and it seems full of a lot of 'did not load...' entries. I just put it on sendspace instead of pasting it all in here. and I did those winsock commands already, yeah.
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