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Samsung 830 program startup slowness

January 13, 2013 7:38:15 PM

Hey guys. I just bought a brand new Samsung 830 128Gb SSD. I had erroneously asked for a Sandisk 64gb SSD, which was slow and too small. I was unable to return it, so I decided to install windows 7 on it and add all of the programs I wanted to it. I used norton ghost to copy the os and transfer it to my Samsung when I got it. It has worked excellently, booting literally 100x faster than my seagate barracuda. However, I will occasionally have something really weird happen. Most of the time, programs like google chrome, Microsoft word, and other windowed programs of that nature boot nearly instantly, but sometimes they will "hang," as in I press the shortcut to open them, and they take 15-20 seconds to open, which doesn't sound bad except for the fact that my old seagate could boot them up faster. It normally occurs after the computer has been on for a while, although I know of one instance where it may have been due to a program was when I installed Microsoft office. Programs took minutes to open then. The weird thing about this problem is that it's random and only affects opening programs ( haven't been able to test it for games). I have used samsung's SSD magician's reccomendations (TRIM,etc.) although i re-enabled write-caching to try and fix this problem.Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks for your time!