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Hey guys,

Could someone help me pls i've got to compare 2 Computers one being a Desktop pc HP Pavilion S5545uk-p Desktop Pc

And the other a netbook Toshiba NB250-108

Explain, for each on a line by line asis, the meaning of the specifications

for the two machines discuss the differences between the specifications and why they are different.

Describe the input/output method for each machine and give some indication of how this might limit the use of the mobile device

Describe what you feel are the major differences between the os of each

Write a conclusion on the differences between the specifications and intendeduse of the two machines.
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  1. Dude, that sounds like homework, which everyone should do on their own.
    Tip: the link LEARN MORE on each page takes you directly to the detailed specs; put them side by side and decide for yourself. Nobody knows better what you're looking for than yourself.
    It depends what the intended use for the system will be, desktop or mobile. In that case, the choice is obvious.
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