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Im not sure exactly which section to post this in ( here or Windows 7 ) , so i will post it in both .

I recently installed an xp upgrade to Windows 7 . The install went smoothly enough but when i ran a hardware analsysis tool i found an anomoly . The CPU speed was fluctuating from 1000 Mhz ( when idle ) up to its normal speed of 2900 Mhz at 50 + % usage . Now the only reason i am unsure if there is a problem is because whenever i ran the same tool with XP , there was no fluctuations , if any , by one or two HZ . So i was wondering if anyone with more experience with Windows 7 would give me some advice . Thanks in advance .

I dont know if specs on the PC are relevant , but here they are anywas

AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual core processor 5600+
AMD A740G M2+ Motherboard
4 GB Ram
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    Windows 7 does allow for CPUs to downclock when not being heavily used as advised, which saves power. There can be some performance loss due to this but it isn't a whole lot.

    However if you want to see these settings and adjust them you can definitely do so in Power Options, you can find this in the control panel or just start and search for Power Options. If you go into Change Power Settings of your current plan, then down below find the option to Change advanced power settings you can find a section for Processor Power Management with options for Minimum Processor State and make changes there. You can of course disable cool n quiet and such in the bios as well.
  2. Cheers mate appreciate the help . As you say , the perofromance increases as and when necessary . Think i will just let it be . Once again , thanks.
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