How to fragment of hard disk

sir i want devide my hard disk into c,d,e,f,g because iam having only two drives i.e c,d
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    Should give you enough background information to work out how to do what you want to do.

    To be safe, always backup your data before the attempt.
  2. you can find many partitions applications thru internet.
    But first you need ensure about your OS, if you are using for example windows 7 32bits maybe is not the same installer that you need for the windows 7 x64.

    I will provide to you these links, i hope that can help you:

    It helps to me the last time that i did that.
  3. Have you tried a hacksaw?
  4. first if all fragment is making pieces if u do that the computer will go we defragment .

    what u need is making additional partitions .

    to help u in that we need to know your operating system (eg. - windows xp , windows 7 , windows vista .

    if u have windows xp , then u need to re install windows ( i dont think any program exists to do it without re installing )

    if u have windows vista or windows 7 , then let us know , we will give u step by step guide
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