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Hello. Well, my laptop finally fried after 4 years and I need a new machine. I'm not going to make the mistake of buying a laptop ever again(too many heat issues,unable to upgrade parts easily, etc). I buy a computer about once every 4 years since they have been so expensive in the past(my last 2 cost $2400 in 2006 and $2200 in 2002) but I'm hoping to spend much much less this time.

Approximate Purchase Date: This week

Budget Range: $1000 USD before monitor.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming. I only play World of Warcraft but I lag, overheat and crash very often on the lowest settings. I'd like to play at near max settings but I don't need to see shadows. I'll also be doing Simple schoolwork like word processing and internet browsing. I'd like to be able to have WoW open and visit youtube without crashing also.

Parts Not Required: I'll order a keyboard and mouse separately. I have an old Dell monitor 15" LCD 1024x768 that I was hoping would be usable temporarily until I buy a new one. Other than that, I dont have anything.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Even with everything detailed on building a PC, I'd prefer to pick parts from their lists and have them assemble it for me. I'm not against buying and adding on things later like memory from other sites.

Country of Origin: United states

Parts Preferences: none

Overclocking: no

SLI or Crossfire: probably not

Monitor Resolution: I'd like to be able to support up to 1920x1080

Additional Comments: I've gone in loops picking what I want and as I keep reading reviews, benchmarks and opinions I change what I think I need and even end up back at the start a lot. The most difficult choice for me is choosing a CPU and like a lot of computer newbies, numbers confuse me(like why does this 4-core have a higher score than this 6-core. shouldnt an i7 beat an i5, why is an AMD at 3.4ghz lower on scoring than an Intel 3.0ghz cpu etc etc).

I don't want to skimp or downgrade on parts just because I 'might not need' them now. Namely, the CPU. If I only need a "xyz" but a "xyzzz" is only $150 more but will last me longer or perform 20% better, I'm all for it.

Can I come up with a machine to last 4 years with minimal upgrades(HDD, memory, etc) for this cost or am I nuts? Please help me oh wise ones.
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  1. Case:



    RAM (CL9) A.K.A Fastest :


    CPU/Mobo Combo:


    Grand Total: $1,042.91 (Build Includes GTX 470 also gets you mafia 2 free)

    Grand Total: $962.91 (Build Has the GTX 460 instead)

    Optional: Monitor$144.99
    $129.99 with Rebate
    Free Shipping

    *This Build just shows you'll be getting more for your $ building yourself, there are plenty of vids on youtube showing you how to do this including the one done by newegg.
  2. Good build, but i'd recommend the g.skill 1600mhz cl7 ram. Its only $10 more but has a little improve in tighter timing.

    If you only play WoW, id definitely stick with the gtx 460 as it will be plenty for you. If you are going to be playing more intensive games in the future, consider switching the mobo to a p7p55d-e pro. This will allow you to pop in another 460 for a great improvement in performance for more demanding games.
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