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SLI Connector ?

Hey guys,

This is my rigs:
i7 930 OC'ed 4.0ghz
RAM 6gb
Palit GTX 460 1gb OC'ed 800mhz Platinum Edition SLI

This is my first time using SLI and I built myself with buying separately the SLI connector. I know that the SLI works even without the bridge but I want to know that my connector is confirmed working. Is there anyway to test it ?

UImagine Heaven score = 972 with connector, 892 without connector

All tests are with settings max out everything, Tessellation extreme, AA x8 and so on at resolution 1920x1080.

Is my SLI working with the connector properly ? By the way, do you guys think the score is the appropriate score that it should be with my current built?

Thanks in advance for any inputs !
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    they look appropriately proportional to both states - which is what any of us would have told you to do (testing it the way you did) futuremark benchmarks are more telling because of their theoretic and synthetic nature

    don't know if this'll help or not but i googled and saw a similar 4ghz 930 and 768 460s sli'd
  2. It looks like the SLi bridge is defiantly doing something positive so I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, I can't say I've ever seen any software that specifically tests the SLI bridge anyway.
  3. one or more SLI bridges are usually bundled with the motherboards supporting SLI, so why did you buy one separately? What is your mobo?
  4. @avatar_raq

    No, mine doesn't come with SLI bridge or CF connector, Asus x58 Premium not sure the exact model and sorry for not checking since I am at work now.

    Is there any links that show the submitted values of Unigine Heaven ? I want to compare with mine just to know whether my built is balanced and properly configured or some part is bottleneck. 3D mark Vantage seems like cannot set custom settings if in basic trial version.

    Because when I test with Crysis:Warhead, I get only around 30-38fps and in some scenes it drops to nearly 20fps. Everything max out and set Enthusiasts with x16Q AA. It seems like my pc cannot get more than 40fps for Crysis:Warhead.

    i7 930 OC'ed 4.0
    RAM DDR3-1866 2gbx3 6gb
    Palit GTX 460 1gb 800mhz x2
    Win7 64bit

    Unigine Heaven 2.1
    Shaders = High
    Tesselation = Normal
    Measurement = 55-58fps
    this link got 32fps with single card.
  5. I wouldn't worry if I was you, your crysis:warhead FPS is excellent since 16xAA is overkill and no body uses it except for old games, try dropping it to 4x and see. And comparing your FPS to the link you posted in Heaven2.1 seems you have excellent SLI scaling and I believe your rig is pretty much balanced because you have one of the most powerful CPUs with an excellent OC and one of the best graphics setups of the day, so no need to worry believe me, sit down and enjoy your games in their full glory!
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