Thinking of a Upgrade

Its that time again and I'm thinking about upgrading some of my parts..Looking at getting some opinions from everyone here..My kids and I play alot of first person shooter games like black opps to left 4 dead 2 ect...Also we use this computer for movies(netflix) and music..Below are my specs and my budget will be around 1600.00 us dollars..

Case-- cooler master 840
Hard drives --300gbt wd raptor 500 gbt wd black
video card--bgf 285 gtx
memory-- 6 gbts of crutial ballistics
mother board--asus P6X58D Premium
cpu--960 i7 not over clocked
sound--X-Fi Titanium Fatallty Champ series
cpu cooler--noctua NH-U12P
moniter--asus 24" lcd hd hdmi
speakers--5.1 logitechs

I wasnt sure where to place this thread so I have placed here..If it has to be moved I do appolgize for that..
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  1. Stick in it a GTX580 and a new PSU if needed.
  2. yes i forgot ihave a 850 watt corsair hx psu..
  3. hvac71 said:
    yes i forgot ihave a 850 watt corsair hx psu..

    Which is plenty for a GTX580.
    You might want to look into 3Dvision.
  4. 2 470 sounds good and maybe 2 580 ..what about maybe a ssd? and more ram?
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