I Got MSI board When I Ordred ASUS Which One Is Best

Hello, I ordered Asus Maximus IV Gene z on online ..

But I got MSI z68a - GD80

which one is best .. Shall I keep this msi or what ..

I am planning to take the system and its info is here

i5 2500k , 2TB Hitachi with 7200 rmps , 8 gb gskill rip jaws x 2133 mhz , crosair Graphite cabinet ..

but now the motherboard was changed .. Please guide me ..

Asus is best or MSI is best .. please I really want your suggestion

Your answers are very valuable for me ....
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  1. ASUS has the better rep in the industry. MSI kind let theirs slide a few years back and seam to be working hard to rebuild it.

    If you look at New Egg comments of MSI product vs ASUS products you will notice MSI is more hands on and willing to help a customer out. ASUS can be hard to contact for tech support, imho.

    So if both mothers boards will do what you need, then look at support next. To put it another way...will the manufacturer you spend money with, still love you after the sale?
  2. Hello, Thanks for your reply ..

    any more feeebacks from other ??
  3. WOW keep that one it cost 50 to 70 more than the one you ordered...

  4. My preference would be the Asus, have has the original maximus formula for 3 years now. never once had an issue with it, rebuilt into serveral cases during that time, different ram, overclocking, new cpu's etc etc.
    Still performs like new.

    Asus does have a sticky point on the customer service side of things sometimes but long as you are under warranty they have been fine.
    Only once had to send something to them and I run a computer shop, so that should tell you something.

    Also the republic of gamers stuff is usually pretty damn good quality.
  5. OK .. sure I will take your words into the consideration ..

    Hello all, any more feedbacks ?
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    MSI is a top-tier board maker with excellent hardware and BIOS support.
  8. Wisecracker said:
    MSI is a top-tier board maker with excellent hardware and BIOS support.

    Thanks for your response .. :)
  9. Actually MSI has a much better reputation than Asus which has had chronic mobo issues for years IME. Asus get's good performance ratings but in my experience they are unreliable. I've never had an MSI board fail but I've had two Asus fail and they are the only mobos that I have had fail in 20 years of building PCs.
  10. so far every one is telling that msi build hard and it works for long time ..

    This makes me to choose msi .. I think I will be happy with this motherboard
  11. i've been looking at the Intel Extreme mobo, check it out!
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