Bad performance of Sapphire 4850x2 1G

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I am having trouble with my Sapphire 4850x2, bought the card and the performance is bad.... so bad that Crysis warhead can only stable on mainstream,aax2 and at 1280x1024. I have overclocked my cpu and default, same resulst with all games. I ran a 5670 and all was well and Crysis almost full and others. I used the drivers from the cd and the new ccc 10.7 and same results.I get the same results with a 600psu and my Coolermaster 420!I used the the 8pin to 2x 4pin molex and the 6pin to 2x4pin molex converter for the card to power, I think that might be the case! But the thing is the 600psu is moduler and got a 8pin connector with it but it an EZcool brand so I dont think it will perform well that why it same as the 420psu, exactly the same gaming performance....

Any idees or help?
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  1. EZcool is not a very good brand, I melted a 550w unit with a pair of 7900GT's a few years back.
  2. I am currently running now a cm thermalmaster 500watt(my psu calculator adds up to 429 watt) but I get the same performance as my 420,500,600 watt psu's...

    I tested the card on another system with also a 500watt cm psu and also same results.

    I guess my last option is to test it on a really high-end PSU with more than 20A and direct 8pin and 6pin connectors which i should probably done in the first place!
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