Mobo wont post normally but...

if I put the cmos jumper on the clear cmos setting and boot it will run just fine. So, I think that its just a mobo issue but I wanted to see what everyone else thinks.
Specs are:
mobo: Foxconn am74ml-k with the latest bios
cpu: amd phenom x2 black edition
mem: 2x2gb pc2-5300
hdd: single 120gb 7200rpm sata
gfx: nvidia 9800gtx
psu: 650 watt? (Im not sure but it has powered my system with 4 drives in it for almost a year)
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  1. Oh and I forgot to put the symptoms. If I leave the cmos jumper on the "normal" setting it just sits at a black screen and wont post. I have checked for video output on both the internal and external gfx cards but nothing shows up. Any ideas?
  2. Any ideas?
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