How to keep intel dx58so mobo from starting up after load shedding

I have an i7 920, intel dx58so mobo..and in the bios, i have set the 'After power failure' options in the 'power' menu to stay off. However, recently, when there was load shedding in my locality and my pc was on, when the current came, my pc restared automatically. It was supposed to stay off until i press the power button of my cabinet !! What seems to be the solution to this problem ?
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  1. Any tips would be great guys !!
  2. I have the same problem with mine. did you ever get it figured out? whats the deal ? I've had mbos that required to set it to enable pwr on after fail reboot and then disable it or reset it. but this does not work on this mobo.
  3. after unplugging things I was able to rule out the keyboard as the problem ---Cheers
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