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Powercolor HD 4650 512mb DDR2 128 bit

powercolor HD 4650 512mb DDR2 128 bit = 50$

I am building my own PC and i'm thinking of purchasing this GPU but i don't know if this is powerful enough for gaming or if there's an Nvidia GPU that rivals this card in terms of its price and performance.

If there's any GPU that's better than this one and under 60$ please tell me THANKS
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    yes there is, the 1gb 128bit ddr3 version of the same card for just $7 more.
  2. is there a big difference in the performance with the two? or just relatively small?
  3. It's quite a bit and definitely worth the $7
  4. That card is a 64-bit HD4650 as opposed to the usual 128-bit. It should definitely be avoided.
    This is what you want;
    Get it before the promo code expires.
  5. If You Want Decent Gaming At A Low Price.... Id Reccomend A GT240 (DDR5) or A 9800GT (1GB)
  6. Get this if you're looking to save a dollar, its better then what you have picked out.
  7. That GT 240 is $74 with shipping and he said his limit is $60
  8. Oh, I always factor in MIR my bad, well if he can borrow 14 dollars he can pay someone back with the MIR. Haha. I mean its only 39 dollars after rebate and shipping, it would be well worth spending the extra 14 now if he can.
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