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I have a Gateway DX4200-09 and Im looking to upgrade the CPU. I've already upgraded the Power supply and video card to 550 and 1gb but I'm not sure how I go about this, and which CPU's will work. I'd appreciate the help if anyone knows that would work or what'd be best. Thanks.
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  1. How do I find out which CPU's work with my motherboard?
  2. Check the BIOS.
  3. Yeahhh, Im not sure how to do that. Is there a link you could provide me with that would go further into detail about how to do that?
  4. Do you have the manule still...or did you throw it away like the other 99% of us/
  5. I dont think I do, I hvae a starter guide but thats all. I can't find one online either, so I dont think there is one.
  6. Then try hitting any of the 'F' jeys in oerder when you enter POST after pwering on your computer. Usually, it is F6.
  7. Alright I went into my menu but I don't understand how that helps me figure out which CPU's are compatible.
  8. Make a list of the BIOS:

    The Company
    the BIOS # and the Version of the BIOS.

    Also, give me the name of your motherboard.
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