How many degrees celcius can my mother board run

i am wondering how hot my motherboard can run before over heating
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  1. The heat generating items on most mobos have heatsinks to keep their operating temps reasonable. Only the low cost mobos or older mobos come without heatsinks of some sort on the northbridge/southbridge and VRM/Mosfets.
  2. The hottest parts are on your MOBO are the Chipsets and every chipset has its' own Tmax; use HWMonitor -> then go to Intel, AMD, etc and look-up the whitepaper {datasheet} on each chipset. Most newer MOBO's AM3/LGA 1156/1155/1366 the Tmax are 95C~105C Tmax, in contrast CPU's are much lower.

    CoreTemp has the Tjmax for most CPUs ->

    Intel Chipsets start here ->

    AMD Chipsets start here ->
  3. i try to keep them under 65c but i have a computer behind me with an old nforce chipset that constantly ran at 90c untill it finally burnt out the temp detector now it reads in the 200s even with a upgraded norbridge cooler. that system used to restart my video card all the time. i thought the v card was bad. it kept doing the vpu recover playing WoW. but once the northbridge gave me a first degree burn i figured it out. swapped the cooler and the system ran fine. hope that helps.
  4. about 75C
    the higher the temps the shorter the lifespan of electronic parts.
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