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My passport hard disk not detected

Last response: in Storage
January 14, 2013 3:00:20 AM

my portable HDD "My WD My Passport" 500GB is not getting detected in my laptop. Tried with another lptop too, same result. Changed connecting cable, still no effect. Can u pls help me retrieve the drive without loss of data?
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January 14, 2013 6:01:35 AM

It may not have a drive letter, Windows Explorer can't show it without one.
Go into Control Panel>Computer Management>Disk Management.
Look for the ribbon in bottom right panel which relates to that device.

Right-click it and choose Change Driver Letter & Paths
Click Add.
Choose a letter.
Click OK.

If the drive truly has not been recognised, not even by Disk Management, the drive itself could be faulty. A common problem with external hard drives is that the USB converter board fails in the enclosure. On some models the drive can be extracted and placed into a different enclosure to overcome that problem.

The WD enclosure is secured by concealed clips around the edge so you'll need to use a thin bladed tool to open it up.
June 28, 2014 4:48:12 AM

I had a simiar problem which I thought was hopeless but I was able to fix it today. I installed both MiniTool Partition and MiniAide Magic Partition but it is enough with just one of them.

This fix is only to repair the hard drive. Your files will be lost!!!!!!! If you need your saved files, please use the recovery wizard in the software.

Open the application -> delete partitions -> create partition.
One may also format the partition.
IMPORTANT: Click apply after each step.!!!!

I missed that step and I thought the softwares were not working but after clicking apply, voila