HD4870 + 8800GS (PhysX) Possible?

well i recently played the Mafia II demo and i know my HD4870 hasn't got PhysX capabilities but i wondered if sticking a 8800GS as a dedicated PhysX card will work.

My Setup:
Core 2 quad q9300
4gb ram
MSI P45 Platinum CrossfireX
HD4870 1GB

OS; Windows 7 64 Bit

Thanks :D
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  1. Quote:
    yes it will work.but u have to search sites for hacked physx drivers.google

    So it will work even though i have a crossfire motherboard or do i need an SLI motherboard
  2. Also another thing would i require more power, Example: Buying a new power supply?
  3. OCZ 500W StealthXstream i believe.
  4. Quote:
    I think u will need a bigger one 600watt maybe both 4870 and 8800 are power hungry card.is all this trouble really worth for just a game?

    I think i better just buy another 4870 and a 700w OCZ
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