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Is there any real significance between the GTX 460 768M and the GTX 460 1G, I mean the 1G version is more expensive so that should be better in terms of core clock right? Might sound like a stupid question but the 512mb 9600gt and 1GB has a huge difference because the 512mb one was DDR3 meaning it was better; but the 1GB was more expensive... well where I live anyway.

768M GTX 460
1G GTX 460

Which is better?
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    The differences are below:

    GTX460 768MB, 24 ROPs, 192 bit memory interface.

    GTX460 1GB, 32 ROPs, 256 bit memory interface.

    You can see the performance difference in this review:,2684-6.html

    For $30 I think it is worth it.
  2. Cool thanks for your help :)
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