How to fix 1600MHz RAM problem

I purchase 800GM-USB3 Gigabyte board
G.Skill Ram [ RipjawsX ] F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL
AMD 1100T black edition processor

the main thing i want to ask my board Support for DDR3 1800 (OC)/1666/1333/1066 MHz memory and i purchased wrong RAM 1600 MHz of GSkill 2 x 4 GB. Im using window XP 64bit and i usally use system for Video encoding and render. But i m not getting the system speed i want is my system using complete RAM or not. Is there any way to fix this RAM 1600 MHz problem by using bios. Please need suggestion.
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  1. Having the RAM at a lower speed shouldn't have a very large impact on performance.

    If your motherboard supports overclocking your RAM then you could try it at a higher bandwidth but that would also worsen you latencies and you may need to increase the voltage of the RAM for it to overclock.

    If you want higher bandwidth with the same latencies and voltages then you would need to replace the RAM. 8GB is pretty cheap even at very high speeds so it shouldn't be a problem if you don't mind buying more.
  2. ya mother board support overclocking so how can i increase the voltage of the RAM for it to overclock. can u explain it.
  3. Sorry but every motherboard's BIOS is different and I've never seen yours. I've known overclocking RAM to be kind of strait forward and relatively easy myself. There is almost certainly online documentation of how to overclock with your motherboard so you just need to do a web search and see what pops up.
  4. one of my frnd suggest to upgrade to win 7 32bit now it showing 2.75 GB ram usable why only 2.75gb 32 bit support up to 4gb r8. i have no graphic card is this is the reason it not showing me complete ram.
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