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I have up to $4500 to build an amazing gaming computer. Problem is, I have no clue what parts to get. Below are items that i have been looking at. Please leave a list of parts that you would get. I don't feel the need to get the newest and most amazing parts as I will upgrade often. I do want a PC that will last me around 8 years (including upgrading). Thank you!!!!

Chassis: Antec DF-85
Power Supply: Antec TPQ-1200
Extra Bad@$$ Fans: Antec 120mm Red LED Fans
Motherboard: ASUS Rampage III Extreme
Graphics Cards: ASUS Ares
Processor: Intel i7 950
Memory Kit: Corsair Dominator GT 6 GB PC3-16000 2000Mhz Triple Channel

I understand that this is not all that I need. Once again, THANK YOU :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. 8 years? That's not that much $$ for such a demand. I build a new gaming computer with parts from newegg every 4 years or so for $2500 each time. I would suggest splitting the funds and doing the same as anything you buy today will be outdated in a year and worthless in 4. Intel is releasing the new form next year so anything you buy today will be a dead socket. That i7 950 will not be upgradeable and be slow in 4 years.

    With all that said, buy a good case, power supply and monitor and built a system for $2000 now and $2500 in 4 years from now.
  2. ^+1 new sockets/gpus are right around the corner. (6xxx series in 2 weekish, socket next year) that being said if u need it now, get:

    i7 950
    2 gtx 460's, gtx 480, hd5870 or hd5970
    1200watt psu is overkill (im guessing your plan is higher so you never have to upgrade, well everything switching to eco/green technology id guess ud want a newer psu in a couple years anyways so no need for that high....
  3. Also, don't go for an Ares, go for 2x GTX 480's. Aren't they cheaper and more powerful?
  4. At the rate tech moves amazing computers become ordinary very fast so buy/build as per needs Read up on Moore's Law as well
  5. I'm agreeing with everyone else but if you must, here's something to look at:

    And the link to their other rig of the month articles:

    Although some are outdated, you at least have something to compare to.
  6. What The hell, 14k? that system blows my mind
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