Good case + psu recommendation?

I'm looking for a cheap but good quality case and a PSU around 480-500 watts. I'm on an extremely tight budget so the case doesn't have to be flashy. Any recommendations?
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  1. Probably one of the better deals for a quality case and PSU:

    You might be able to get cheaper, but cheap cases really are bad and often have shocking build quality that makes things rattle and what-not when in use.
  2. If you in UK then what Acer0169 offered is good while there is an offer also available an Elite 330 with an Elite 460 psu also for a couple of quid less in the same site... also available is

    If you in US then the 310 with 460m psu is available in newegg for $70... has this for $80...

    Thermaltake has a site for refurbished and re-certified cases with prices like Armor A90 for $60 and V9 for $50 in case if you are interested...
  3. You forgot to mention your budget.. Also list your pc specs..
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