Laptop powercut when inserting 3g dongle help.

I have recently got handed down a 3g dongle from my father, from a Portuguese phone company called "tmn".
Yesterday i plugged it in and installed it and all of the drivers successfully. I spent the whole day enjoying fast internet. Now i just go to plug it into my netbook and my netbooks power cuts out. So i boot my netbook up again and it does it a second time. I booted in safe mode to see if i can find any error logs, but i am uncertain on what i am doing to be honest, i am relatively new to Windows errors.
I seem to recall that my father had the same problem with this exact dongle, on several occasions he would also cut out. He has an identical netbook to me. I am currently running on battery, i haven't tried plugging it in running on ac power because i really don't like my netbook shutting down in such a way, i have been trying to keep it error and problem free! But i can try this if someone suggests it :/
My netbook is an Asus 1005PE. Spec's are:

OS: Windows 7 Starter
CPU: Intel Atom Pinetrail N450 1.66ghz
Ram: 1Gb ddr2.
Screen: 10.1"
Graphics: Integrated intel 3150.
Battery: 6cell 48 watt (11 hours runtime version)

My dongle software is running in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3, with administer privileges.
The reason behind this is it does not seem to currently support windows 7 "officially". But i am certain this is not the problem since the dongle doesn't have a chance to load, it cuts out the instant i plug it into the usb slot.

Thank you for reading.
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  1. So i plugged it in with AC Power and it was completely fine... i guessed its to do with power settings or something, until i tried plugging in in with battery again and it worked! I am totally dumbfounded!
    If anyone has any suggestions and/or fixes i would love to hear them.
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