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I was trying to determine the strength of my PSU today, and ran OCCT 3.1, which had some really weird results with the 12v rail.

When I opened up CPUID Hardware Monitor afterwards, I see what could be the reason the results were so weird. And now I'm curious what all the voltage info means.


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Why is there a +12v and a -12v

It would seem that OCCT read the +12v as the ripple was 85% as the voltage was all over the place. At the same time -12v was rock solid and barely changed. I kind of assume -12v was what should have been monitored.

What's the difference between +12v and -12v, same with the +5v and -5v?
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  1. It's a 850 Antec. I can't remember the exact name. What they were measuring is how constant the voltage was. I ran the program because I was having some weird issue that could possibly have been related to my PSU.
  2. Hardware monitor is not reading the +12 V correctly, I have the same problem with my Gigabyte P55-UD4P motherboard. Try a diff program, or use a dvm to check voltage.
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