Build A Gaming PC--Any Suggestions For My Build?

So it seems like it's been a month since my laptop has broken down on me. I decided to build a computer on my own, and to hell with Gateway/Dell/etc. From now on, it's just going to be me putting these things together. Well, enough of that... by the way, anybody know how to replace a fan/heatsink for a laptop GPU? Ha! I would hate to have to throw this laptop into the trash, but unless I can fix it, it is worthless. It's not like Newegg or TigerDirect sell laptop parts, though.

Well anyway, this is my newest build. Tomorrow I will be depositing the money at the bank so I can order it. So yeah, if anything is wrong with this build, it's important. I've been spending a lot of time researching, but it seems one could spend their whole damn life and still never know for sure.


I am not sure if this is THE best case, as I was considering the Haf 22, Tempest Evo, or even the Antec 902. But I have given up trying to make a choice. Maybe someone with my motherboard + CPU + fan/heatsink combo can tell me which case they use, and what they think of it.



I've read there is a Rev. 1 and Rev. 2 of this board, and there's no way to guarantee which you'll get. So, if anything thinks they can recommend a better MB for the CPU, for the same-ish price...

Aftermarket Cooler:

This is huge. It could be overkill, for all I know, but I've read it's the best air cooler. Yeah, I've never overclocked before. I'd like to learn how, so it's possible I will need this. But will it fit?




I was going to go with GTX 460, but to save money (I needed to, this is going to cost me) I went with the same GPU my girlfriend has in her Q9300 build, and she can play every game I own just fine. I will upgrade to the 460 or 480 or whatever in later months. I'd rather have a good CPU and MB with a lesser GPU, than the other way around. Easier to upgrade that way.


I'll get some SSDs later. 500 gb will do for now, I never managed to fill my 250 laptop hdd in 2 years :-/

DVD Burner:


I got these fans for the side of this case and top:
That's what made me start looking at the Tempest Evo, it would save me 50$ of fans, and it has a window view, but... how good is its airflow, is it big enough, etc. No idea.


Don't want to fry anything...

This is gonna cost me around $1400. That's all I have to spend. I had considered going the AMD 1090t route but every claims the intel just games better, etc. It exhausted me and devoured my will. I want to get the best I can, and this seems future proof to me, at least in the quad-core sense.
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  1. You really shot yourself in the foot with the graphics card you listed. These days, for better gaming performance, it's almost always better to skimp a bit on the CPU and go bigger on the graphics. For instance, you could go down to an i5-750 or 760 build, which would give almost equal performance in games for almost half the cost (including motherboard) over the i7-950.

    But never fear. I present to you an i7-950 build with a good graphics card, and under budget to boot. Combos are your friends!

    CPU/Mobo: i7 950 + ASUS Sabertooth - $464.98

    Case + Win7: CoolerMaster HAF 922 - $179.97

    Power Supply: XFX 850W - $149.99-$20 MIR This is probably a bit overkill, but will definitely be able to power an overclock of the CPU and a second graphics card down the line.

    Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212+ - $29.99 One of the best bang-for-your-buck cooling solutions on the market. You really shouldn't need anything more than this.

    GPU: Radeon HD 5870 - $384.99

    RAM: G.Skill Eco CL7 2x2GB - $94.99

    HD: Seagate 1TB - $69.99

    Optical: Cheap SATA burner - $16.99

    Total: $1391.89 - $20 MIR = $1371.99

    You could shave off a bit by dropping down to a 5850(-$75ish) or a GTX 470 (-$80ish). An i5-760 build with the rest of the components the same would save you about $200 and still retain the same gaming ability. The advantage of the i7 comes in heavily threaded apps like video encoding.

    I'd hold off on the fans; the case comes with three, which should be enough unless you're doing some serious overclocking. You could get one or two though if it makes you feel safer. You definitely don't need 5 more.

    The anti-static strap isn't really necessary either. Just keep yourself grounded by touching something metal (the side of the case works just fine). The only time I'd consider the strap is if I was building a PC on a shag carpet, which isn't a good idea in the first place.
  2. Don't get DELL or ALIENWARE. NEVER!
  3. I'm still having dilemma on whether to choose XFX, Seasonic, or Silverstone PSU for 750W. Would be great if someone could shed some light on it.
  4. The quality on all three is pretty much the same, though the XFX ones seem to have the right combination of price/performance these days. All other things being equal, go for the one with the highest 80 Plus rating (Bronze, Silver, or Gold).
  5. I see that all 3 of them are having the same 80 Plus Silver rating. I wonder should I go for XFX.
  6. dsync89 said:
    I see that all 3 of them are having the same 80 Plus Silver rating. I wonder should I go for XFX.

    I wouldn't hesitate buying an XFX psu they are made by Seasonic and priced very nicely.
    They are everybit as good as a Corsair HX series i wish they were on the market when i bought my psu.
    I could have saved some dough.
    jonnyGuru - 9.7/10


    The CM690II cases are really nice i have one and a 902.
    The 902 is very solidly built and cool and quiet.
    It has some minor flaws like filter access and no mobo cut-out which is a pita.
    But unlike the HAF 922 at least it has filters.
    As for the CM690II it's hard to beat that case for the price.
    I'm really impressed with the design and layout.
    Filtered front and bottom,looks good,excellent cable management,mobo cut-out.
    CM really went all out on this case as far as i'm concerned.
    Great value and nothing comes close imo for the price.
  7. Don't really care for ATI graphics cards. Too many bad experiences with them. I had considered the ASUS Sabertooth first. Hm... I cannot remember why I switched to the Gigabyte MB, now... I should have written it down at the time. The combo idea will help, though. Thanks a million!
  8. I had a GTX 470 as an option at the end of my build. You can swap it in for the 5870 and knock $70-80 off the total.

    Edit: EVGA GTX 470 $304.99-$30 MIR = $274.99

    Including rebate, it takes $110 off the final total, bringing you down to $1262 AR

    Edit 2: Oops, just realized I had dual channel RAM in my build instead of triple channel. You can add $40 and substitute for this kit:
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