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750gb+ 64gb ssd CACHE or 500gb+ 128gb ssd msata BOOT

Im buying a new alienware soon and i was wondering what the difference is between a 750gb 7200rpm+ 64gb ssd CACHE drive and a 500gb 7200rpm+ 128gb ssd mSATA BOOT drive? My real question i guess is which SSD would be the better drive to use? What does a boot drive have that a cache drive doesnt? (and vice versa). Thanks for any help!!!
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  1. ssd cache do nothing, a real ssd to boot is the real choice
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    If you could, 750GB HDD + 128GB SSD Boot Drive is the best choice, but between the choices you gave me, then the second option with the SSD as boot and 500GB HD for storage is what I would go for.

    If you won't play that many games (which I doubt since you bought an alienware), then a 750GB HD + 64GB SSD for booting (NOT CHACHING!!!) would be a good choice.

    Just whatever you do, don't spend money on a good 64GB of SSD and waste it on HDD caching!
  3. Thanks guys! I definitely wouldve went with that cache drive without your help!
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