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  1. If its just for gaming then you can probably build a better machine using an i5 760 , and a pair of GTX 460 graphics cards in SLI
    At the moment you build is fine but it has a top end processor and a graphics card that goods but not great
  2. Swap mobo to a GA x58 ud3r or Asus p6x58D-E. Better mobo's for about the same price.

    Swap the HD to a Spinpoint F3 1tb. Cheaper and better performance.

    The GX series is a POS performance wise. It wasn't worth the money at $90, and the price is even higher now.

    The only CM PSU that you should ever even consider is the toughpower line made by Channel Wells.

    My advice is to pick up a XFX 750 BE $115 after rebate

    Monitor wise, this 23.6" asus is $10 cheaper after reabte

    Don't need thermal compound unless you're going for a high OC. Even then, get as MTX, not 5
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