How to copy iso file to hard drive

i'm trying to copy MP3 files to my local hard drive, wich i've mounted on a Deamon Lite Virtual Drive , im only abale to hear these Tracs on deamon lite but when i;ve tried to copy them to my hard drive they did not play back. Can anyone help please ! thanks
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  1. An ISO file is made up of one or more files and is an exact copy/backup of a disk. You need burning software that can burn the file back as it's constituent files.

    I haven't tried this software, but it popped up #1 on google.
  2. just use 7 zip or winrar and just extract the iso file.
  3. You can extract the ISO or use softwares like magic disc to mount the ISO file
  4. ISO is made up of some video and data files, if you wanna convert it to MP3, use a burning program to do it: you can google for a free one.
  5. i am trying to do the same thing to install windows7 but no dvd-r or thumb drive. (if this is what i'm looking for) all i have to do is extract the files on to one of my 2 hdds?..and then?
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