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I noticed when my monitor is displaying fast moving images horizontal lines appear. They aren't colored they just look like the image was cut and placed in the wrong spot. They go away quickly but are very noticeable and annoying. It happens when I play games or even just watch videos. I use a 22" asus monitor about 10 months old but i have tried other monitors and had the same problem. This had led me to believe that the video card is the problem which is a msi nividia gt240 purchased only 2 months ago, so I'm hoping that's not the problem. All new drivers are installed and i really hadn't noticed the problem until i recently bought starcraft 2. I was just hoping somebody may have a solution unless it's my hardware. When I play games like starcraft or Mass effect 2 the game seems to run completely smooth but the lines are extremely bothersome.

Thank you
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  1. Yes, try enable VSync, also check your card temps, it could be an overheating...
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