Hey Guys,
I was saving to buy the ATI Radeon 5 870 1GB Graphics Card, i Have about $350 US but now i hear that the 6000 series is going to be released in like one month.

Should i go for the 5 870 or just wait an while for a 6 870 or something??
Does anyone know what the advantages or performance boost for the 6000 series will be??

Pc specs:
-AMD 1090T CPU,
-ASUS 890GTD PRO/USB3.0 Motherboard
-C300 128GB SDD
-1TB Seagate HDD
-8GB Gskill Flare 2000Mhz CL8-9-8-24 RAM,
-23" Full HD LCD LED from LG
-850 Corsair HX PSU

My graphics Card sucks at Geforce 7300 gs!! HEHE!!
So its bringing all the performance down but I am prepaired to wait for the 6000 series if it will be the better investment.

Thanx Guys.
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  1. You could always get a 5850 and OC it to 5870 speed. Unless you want to spend the extra $100 from a 5850 to 5870. Or you can always go for a GTX470. Just my thoughts. If you are hellbent on a 5870 just wait and see what things are like when you have the cash. I never sit around and wait on the next gen cards unless there is a solid release date and it is in the very near future. Stuff changes so much it isn't worth sitting around waiting anymore when you can be enjoying a nice new card.
  2. 6xxx series is expected to be (officially) announced in october and a release in time for the holidays (so late november, early december).

    you'll probably see a price drop on the 5xxx series once the 6xxx series comes out; but if you want a new graphics card now, there is no reason to wait
  3. Oh, so it could still take a while,..... I think I will just wait a Likkle while and see if they dont drop the prices and then ill buy. (We are busy with exams and tasks anyways so there wont be time for a lot of gaiming anyways) But after that, halloooooo Graphics Card. Thanx for the advice. Apretiate it. :-)
  4. 5850 now and x-fire later?
  5. Quote:
    Dude 5870 has 1600 shaders as compared 1440 of 5850.even if u overclock it to 5870 speed no way it will be as fast as 5870.

    Correct, but at the same speed a 5850 at 5870 clocks is pretty much on it's heels. Thumb through this review that includes a 5850 at 5870 clocks.

    True a 5870 can also be slightly overclocked, but for $100 less a 5850 is a better "value".
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