How many of these parts can I get in a mini-ITX case?

Two years ago I built my first computer with the help of this forum and fit it all into an Antec P182 case, which wasn't hard to do. I have ample space leftover. It stays incredibly quiet and cool. The problem is that I'm constantly on the move and the bastard is heavy. Although I have a netbook for travel, I still wish to keep a desktop rather than a full-powered laptop in my apartment for the sake of ergonomics. I would like to use as many of the parts I have and fit them into the smallest form factor. I'm still an amateur builder, so I look forward to some advice as to what I should do/what parts I can reuse. Maybe I should just sell it all and get an all-in-one pc. Here's the list (I assume I have to replace the motherboard). Also, as a note, I still want to be able to use Windows 7 and Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.

GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R P45 775 R motherboard

VGA HIS H467QT512P HD4670 512M RT video card

ANTEC|EA430 430W RT power supply

CPU INTEL|C2Q Q9650 3G 775 45N RT processor

2 (2 x 2G) MUSHKIN 996587 R memory

1T Western Digital WD10EADS harddrive

LG GH22LS30 22X LS SATA dvd burner

Hope you can help.
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  1. Sorry, I forgot to change the header. I'm looking for a small form factor. It doesn't, however, have be mini-ITX.
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