Nvidia GT220 1gb/ddr3 in a Dell 518 ??

I have a Dell 518 2.8ghz cpu/600gb/6gb ram with the newer mobo...meaning it has a pci-e x16 slot i was wondering if a Nvidia GT220 1gb ddr3 pci-e x16 2.0 will work in this computer..?

My PSU is only 300w ( Dell stock ) ...specs on the card reads ( minimum 300w PSU ) will that be ok too ?

I only play EQ2 ....this is a used/new for me computer upgrading from a Dell P4 2.8ghz cpu/320gb/2gb ram so anything is better at this point...trying to avoid a PSU upgrade and have a good card the 518 still has the integrated one.
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  1. Yeah that GPU will work on that PSU and in that computer. You can acutally get a better card then that and it will still work on that PSU.
  2. Can't you save a little bit and get GT240?
    You still can use it without upgrading PSU...
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