Liquid Cooling?

I've been looking into parts i should invest into after i get my gaming rig built be able to bump up overclock capabilities. I've been reading about how liquid cooling will increase the capability of overclocking by a great margin. Is it the end all be all of cooling or are there air cooled heat sinks that are better?
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  1. As far as every day computing cooling solutions go, a good water setup beats a good air setup. Especially since a water cooled CPU system can be expanded to cool the GPU(s) as well.

    A poor or mediocre water setup can be beat by air, yes.

    Expect to pay $300 or more to build a water cooling system for the CPU that can then be expanded to include the GPU. Since this involves AT LEAST one 240mm radiator, adequate space must be planned.
  2. Let me add: If you mess up with the tubing and stuff, goodbye computer :)

    Takes a lot of planning yes. Water cooling isn't needed in most cases, a good air cooler is great. Water cooling is for something like 4.2-4.5 overclock on an i7.

    Things like your northbridge, mosfet and southbridge really don't need to be water cooled.. that's overkill. As long as you have some good airflow (not through a radiator) then it's A-Okay
  3. Well i was mainly just looking to watercool the cpu to get my Athlon II x4 955 to 4.0 or higher.
    The cooler i have been looking at is right here:
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    Woah woah no..... NO.. the H50 is not real water cooling, and many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many air coolers beat it...

    Like this:
    Great cooler... only gets beat by CUSTOM water cooling and the silver arrow.

    Look at charts:
  5. The new Corsair H70 may compete with good air cooling when you consider space saved and such, but the H50 does not. As long as you have the space get a good air cooler.
  6. The H70 isn't good for the price.. the NH-D14 still beats it ;)

    Plus: You are cooling an Athlon II? They don't even get very hot. A good mid/highend-range cooler would do wonders.
  7. Well I'm only going by reading that lower cpu temps mean you can overclock it a little more so that was my main goal.

    Thanks for the pointers again though!
  8. Well, big air is always better than concealed water.
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