Best GPU for i5-650?

The system I'm currently looking to buy very soon...

Motherboard: ASUS Intel H55, LGA1156
CPU: Core i5-650 Dual Core LGA1156 3.2GHz 4Mb Cache
RAM: 2GB DDR3-1600 Hyper-X (Kingston) *will upgrade with another 2GB later*
PSU: 550W ATX Power Supply
and of-course the Samsung P2450H LCD - 24"

What GPU would best go with this system without the CPU throttling it's performance?

I am mainly going to use this PC to run video editing software such as Adobe Premiere CS5 and play Starcraft 2 or source games such as Team Fortress 2. So I'm told Nvidia cards are better for Work & Play while ATI are mainly for games.

I'm thinking about the GIGABYTE® ATI® Radeon HD5850 - 1GB GDDR5 and the
GIGABYTE® nVidia® GeForce GTX470 - 1280MB GDDR5, or are these kind of cards way to much for the system to handle effectively?

Any suggestions will be taken thankfully
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    that. to be honest, id take that over a gtx 470 easily. Better overclocking, way better temps, noise, and power consumption, and a much better price.

    considering it can OC to beat it considerably, even at stock it doesnt lose that bad. Looking at that, i dont think 5 fps is worth $100, and the terrible heat and power consumption of the Fermi 100.
  2. The GTX470 can OC as well.... Also its only 30 dollars more then the card you posted... not 100.
  3. That wont last and only after a very large MIR. And 2 gtx 460s beat the gtx 480 by quite a decent margin, so that doesnt work. the 470 beats the 460 by 3-7 fps. The GTX 460 can OC higher, and that could make up the difference. Point is from his requirements, he doesnt need a 470, it costs more, and produces a LOT more heat and takes a LOT more energy.
  4. Yeah, except on a 550w PSU he won't be able to SLI, so power comsumption shouldn't be too big a factor since he has to have a single card solution anyway.

    Hey I'm not knocking the GTX460, its a great card and I usually recommend it, but I only reccommend it to people who plan on SLI'ing it in the future.

    Obviously the MIR DOES matter if he buys it now. Without MIR, yes even I would suggest the GTX 460 (and yea the DirectCU edition is the edition to get OP if you get one), but I wouldn't pass up a 470 for $260 dollars personally if I was upgrading now.
  5. The OP also asked if his rig can handle the gtx 470. It can, he should get 4gig of ram though. The 470 at 289.00 is a great deal. The custom cooler like on the Palit 470 keeps the card in the low 70's. At near its max o/c the 460 can compete with a 'stock' gtx 470.
    The gtx 460 is fast
    the gtx 470 is always going to be faster.
    Notice them beating the 5770 crossfire !

  6. I still think the small bump in performance isnt worth the extra 30 degrees, power, and price. Its up to the OP, but just a little food for thought, if you leave you computer on all day, I do, then the gtx 460 costs a bit over $50 less a year to power. So power consumption does matter. Maybe the 470 will make up for it in the winter with all the heat! :lol: Fermi heat jokes are getting a bit old though :sleep:
  7. Your dreaming about your power numbers. Ok you leave your computer on all the time, at idle states I have some reviews showing them use the same power, one 11 watts more. How does that come out to 50 dollars a year ? The power hogs at idle are long gone. A penalty comes from running dual video cards, but a hard core gamer excepts these things.
  8. That was more of a max figure. If you have the computer on idle about 14, and load 10 hours, thats about how i got that. People are usually never full max or full idle, so its hard to say by use. For me, it would be close to that, for average people id say about $20-40 just depends what ya do and how often you do it. But you have to admit, it WILL save a fairly substantial amount, at load its 100 watts less!
  9. Here, the Asus one takes a little less power, so lets say 15 less at idle, 100 less at load. Do the math with 10 cents a Kw (national average maybe?) and you get an absolute minimum of $13.14. At load, do the math again and you get $87.6 a year. Since neither is realistic, average the 2 and you get $50.37. That should represent the higher end, so about $20-50 a year is very reasonable.
  10. Thanks a lot everyone

    Looks like I'm definitely gonna try go for the Palit GTX470 after seeing that graph by notty22 ;) and yeah when I get the GPU I'm gonna have 4GB RAM :P

    But as far as the rest of the system goes will I be all good for an enjoyable (lasting 3-5years) gaming/video editing system 0_o
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