P6x58d-e ram compatibility issues

I am building a machine for a friend, and he has just dumped all the parts on my lap and asked me to take it from there. I have everything up and running, but I cannot seem to get it to recognize the memory... http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/desktop-memory/ddr3/enthusiasts/reaper-hpc-series/reaper-hpc--small----dual-channel-ddr3/ocz-ddr3-pc3-10666-reaper-cl9-edition-low-voltage-dual-channel.html But I cannot get the board to read the chips. I poured through the manual, and it is definitely the ram according to the beeping that it kicks up when I switch it on... I checked the manual, and the website for compatibility and both don't have any mention of these chips anywhere. Will the MemOK! switch be able to configure these chips, or do I need to tell my buddy that he blew $100 on ram chips that won't work in his machine?
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Sounds like the RAM does not want to work on the unit. i would be straight with your buddy. Better tell him to return his RAM and get a new set. I heard the Corsair Dominator series works well with the i7 CPU and motherboards.
  2. We tried new ram chips and it didn't work either. It turned out to be a faulty motherboard... Sorry it took so long to reply. New board is in place and the machine runs like a dream now
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