HIS H467Q1GHDAP Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit DDR3 AGP

It seems that the H467Q1HDAP is unavailable, compared to the H467QS1GHA it appears that the difference is in the effective memory clock speed - 1746mhz and 1600mhz respectively.

Can the H467QS1GHA simply be oc'd to achieve the same performance?

I ask this question because the H467QS1GHA is available from many sources while the H467Q1HDAP is not. I don't want to purchase a H467QS1GHA only to have the H467Q1HDAP come available at a later date.

Also - I am assuming that replacing my Sapphire 3850 with even a H467QS1GHA will yield huge performance increase. Is that correct?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated -

Thank you,

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  1. Yes you should be able to OC a stock card to its factory overclocked clocks. But the 3850 to 4670 is NOT a huge performance increase by any means.

    I would think you would want to get at least a 5750 or 5770.

    Now if you are getting the 4670 becuase you have AGP thats a different story.
  2. Yes AGP - and thank you for your reply.

    Now for the different story - will I get that big increase by upgrading?

  3. Depends, is your 3850 512 or 256mb? If its 512 you'll see little gain, so little that isn't worth upgrading.

    Either way, I think I would start saving my money for a new computer, buying an agp graphics card at this day in age is like burning your money. Its not worth it.
  4. Thank you for your advice. I have a 512mb and it runs well; it's just that the relatively low price of the H467QS1GHA makes it an interesting proposition if the increase were there. But alas...

    New confuzer time I guess.

    Thanks again,

  5. Yeah, its not worth the upgrade.

    They perform about the same.
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