Need advice picking between these processors for a laptop

<<Please note, I have posted a similar thread over in the laptop forums, however I was thinking I might get better advice in here given that it is a processor query>>

Hello, i'm currently looking at 3 laptops and am having difficulty deciding between them. I was wondering if the community could help me decide.

the 3 processors in question are a amd turion ii p540 2.4ghz, a amd phenom x2 N620 2.8ghz and a core i3-350m 2.26ghz. However I can't decide on which is the most appropriate for my needs.

I decided i'd go for a amd laptop given that my price range is £500-550, in hopes that an amd laptop would allow for a better graphics card and generally better overall specs. Battery time is a factor, though not the most important, a couple of hours running on battery is all I am likely to need as I can usually charge it at my different stops, which makes me think perhaps the turion ii with a 25w power rating may give me a longer battery life, however I don't know if this will have a real impact over a 35w power rating?

All 3 laptops are from hp and seem to offer what i'm looking for, however I found one with a core i3-350m (2.26ghz) which comes with a dedicated graphics card that has made my decision a lot harder, however it has less DDR3 RAM (3gigs vs 4 gigs in the other two laptops) but I could always upgrade the RAM if I found I needed it, or is this an important factor I should take into consideration now?

hp dv6-3112SA core-i3-

HP Pavilion dv6-3113sa

HP Pavilion DV6-3112SA

I trust HP as a builder of quality laptops and I like the look and feel of the hp pavilions, which seem to give a nice balance between build quality and price. However if all 3 of these are a rip off then please let me know.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry that this post is a little messy :)
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  1. The core i3 config is the obvious choice here.. Depending upon the applications, you actually won't find out any performance difference between 3gigs and 4gigs of memory.. And like you said, memory can be upgraded without much hassle.. Same is not true for processor and/or video card..
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