Asus Board Beeping Codes?


I have a problem with my computer. When i start it up i hear these beeping sounds. There are 5 beeps, 2 beeps really fast then a short pause with 3 more beeps with short pauses in between.

I couldn't figure out what was wrong i removed the RAM and graphic card and put them back and started up and still had same problem. I removed those components separately for example removing all the RAM and testing 1 stick at a time on load up.

I would really like to know the list of error codes for the Beeps for my motherboard.

My Motherboard: Asus M3a79-T Deluxe AMD 790FX Crossfire Chipset
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  1. Don't you have a manual for the mobo?
  2. Go to the following link and download the manual:

    The information you need is on page 2-35 under section 2.9 "Starting up for the first time".
  3. Well i found my user manual and found out what those beeps meant. It's for the graphic card or pci slot.
  4. Well i did find out the error it was the GPU card. so i opened it up and took a look and the thermal paste was off the GPU and on the board a little so i cleaned it and screwed it all back together and no more error computer worked.!!!!!!!

    I sent it to's repair shop for about 2 weeks which to them was 1 week cause they don't count weekends.....
    and they didn't do a damn thing other than test my card on another PC and find out that it doesn't work.....
    my computer was under warranty so the labor was free but parts i have to pay for so the repair guy tells me i have to buy a new graphic card and hes all like i can order it for you and install it for about 450- 600 $..........
    only thing was i had to leave my computer next to them even longer so i ended up just taking my computer and fixing it myself and i still bought new parts and installed it myself no need to wait 2 weeks for some *** you can do yourself.
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