New graphics card

I need to buy new graphica card for my pc,
Below is my system infomation
I use my pc at least 15 hours everyday, need a good cooling fan, sometimes I don't turn it off for many days
I dont play games, I have applications running and have 20-30 IE windows open all day, may need to have a good deal of memory
I can spend up to $350

what graphics card do you recommend?

my old graphics card was NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240, want to buy a better card


Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Model Studio XPS 435MT
Total amount of system memory 8.00 GB RAM
System type 64-bit operating system
Number of processor cores 4

Display adapter type NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240
Total available graphics memory 4606 MB
Dedicated graphics memory 1024 MB
Dedicated system memory 0 MB
Shared system memory 3582 MB
Display adapter driver version
Primary monitor resolution 1920x1200
DirectX version DirectX 10
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  1. If you don't play games all of your operations are more CPU dependant than GPU dependant.

    Do you do CAD and Photoshop, or just use IE?
  2. If you are not gaming and only need it for desktop applications the GTS240 is a great card. What makes you think you need something better? The only way you would need something more is if you are doing multimedia stuff, which that card should handle just fine, or use some sort or rendering or 3D modeling apps.
  3. tHE PROBLEM IS the graphics card GETS very HOT, EVEN though i dont play games and the fan starts to make noise, i have to trun it off for it o cool down

    even after i made the changes that was recommended to me here it gets hot

    maybe it gets so hot because its on all the time, i dont know, or maybe the fan is not good
  4. go get Gigabyte 460 1G OC. $230 or EVGA's. 100% fit and compatible with your PC. faster/no noise/less heat.
  5. HAve you taken it out and cleaned out the card with compressed air? make sure there are no dust buddies in it?
  6. When I had problems before I changed the graphics settings, see image below, and it was running fine, I ran windows update 2 days ago and I wonder if windows update reset the graphics settings because I just checked and see they were changed to initial settings
    I changed the settings and now its ok
  7. The automatic windows update might have downloaded and installed the latest video card drivers for your card thereby changing your previously customized settings.. Its good if its working all well now.. You might want to save your current settings as a different profile to be used in any such future occurrances.. Oh BTW, i too agree with other comments on you not requiring to upgrade to any better card.. Your current card is adequate for your requirements and then some gaming also..
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