Intel 330 Series 120GB Low Benchmark

I just bought and installed a new Intel 330 120gb SSD and I have been pretty disappointed with the performance I'm getting.

My specs:

Mobo: MSI 970A-G46 AMD 9 Series Motherboard (Yes I have it connected to 6gb SATA3, but it is in IDE mode)
CPU: amd-fx 8120
RAM: 8gb Patriot G2 Series 1333mhz

My boot time seems a little slow at 15 seconds after the mobo does its thing, when transferring files internal on the drive I.E copy pasting from one folder to another on the SSD I'm getting like 40mbs transfers, when transferring from my older HDD I'm getting anywhere from 30-50mb/s transfers.

My benchmarks are also significantly lower than the advertised speed and reviews I have been seeing from other people.

I did not do a fresh install, I used intels migration software after dropping my HDD to about 40gb and my sata connections are IDE mode(Would that be the cause for such a drastic drop in performance ?). Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    moocowssd said:
    and my sata connections are IDE mode(Would that be the cause for such a drastic drop in performance ?)

    Correct. SSDs need to be in AHCI mode for best performance. You need to edit the Windows Registry file and then change SATA modes.
  2. I did what you said and my benchmarks are on par with reviews/advertised but other than that boot time is still the same and I'm not seeing any major improvements in speeds, yeah things load a little faster but it's nothing near "Instantaneous" like people hyped, I still have 5 second loads screens on any game I put on it. Did I just have way too high expectations for this ?
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  4. The Intel 330 is a very good and stable SSD but it is not the fastest on the market.

    Most people look at only the Max Sequential Read and Max Sequential Write speeds (500/450 MB/s for your drive) when buying a SSD, but an SSD's 4K Random Read and 4K Random Write is more important for what the majority of people use their SSD for.

    Most Windows files are in the 4K range and I wouldn't be surprised if most games files were too.

    The 4K Random Read speeds for your drive are up to 22,500 IOPS. The 4K Random Write speeds are up to 33,000 IOPS.

    Compare that to the 128GB Samsung 840 Pro which has 97,000 IOPS Read and 90,000 IOPS Write.
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