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I am currently running a system with a Win7 and a Radeon 5770 powercolor card hooked up via DVI to a 19 LCD. There is nothing connected to the VGA or HDMI ports.
Every time my system starts (or wakes up from sleep) my system detects a second screen, that does not exist. If I move my mouse all the way to the right, it disapears, as if there is a second screen there.
When I go to CCC i can disable the second screen, and that fixes the problem... until I restart or put my PC to sleep, which makes it very annoying.
Now this did not happe on my older 8800 GT, with the 5770 replaces, I have the latest drivers (10.7).

Anyone with a solution? I have tried reinstalling Win7, it did nothing, other than this, the 5770 has no other issues (gaming or otherwise).
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  1. Maybe try disabling the "second" screen throug the display properties in Windows as WELL as CCC, and then apply/save both of them, and restart. Maybe that will help.
  2. nope, tried that already, i need to figure out why my pc is detecting the 2nd screen in the first place.
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