G110 freezes my computer when i start it up

When i got this keyboard, i installed the gkeys profiler. This then cause a 2 minute delay of my computer and during those 2 minutes i could not use my computer, it is just frozen when it boots up. I then decided to unistall that driver, and now my computer is still slow. Also before i installed the driver, my computer was perfect and Bad company 2 was working great, now it is slow and sometimes does not even load. Any help, please? This is a logitech g110 keyboard and i installed the driver that came with the package. Any help?
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  1. Download, install, update, and run a full scan with Malwarebytes. Remove anything it finds.

    Afterwards, go into your Device Manager and uninstall all keyboards. Restart the system and let Windows reinstall the drivers. Remove the gkeys profiler as well.

    Next go to Logitech and dowload the latest drivers for the G110. Install those drivers along with the G110 to see if it works any better.

    Good luck!
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