Nvidia geforce 250 gts hardware problem

My Specs:
Intel i5 2.69
Asustek P7P55D Pro
6GB DDR3 Ram
Gforce 250 1gb dd3 Ram
Windows 7 Home premium.

Ok so lately my computer has been acting weird. When I first built it was the 8th wonder of the world to me, everything worked fine and it ran just beautifuly. Now after about a year or 2 of usage my gt250 video card has been giving me a bit of trouble. the colors are off scale (in terms of brightness and reds and yellows), games like WoW (which I'm suprised because wow doesn't really uses that much video card power) lag when 2-3 AOEs (area of effect spells) go off, youtube videos lag even when fully loaded its just a mess. I tried upgrading the driver for the video card and everything but still nothing. Help plz?
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  1. Is the card overheating? Do you have a way to monitor temps? Have you cleaner out the card of dust lately? Take the side of your PC and blast it with an air compressor? I advise doing this every 6 months.
  2. What jay2tall said, but also your computer can just get cluttered with crap over 2 years really easy. Do you engage in any preventative maintenance? If not, you should start. (This includes hardware maintenance of cleaning ou the dust).
  3. If the PC sites on the floor I would recommend maybe more than every 6 months. I have see Pc's that look like bunnies blew up in them.
  4. Thank you for your replies. I followed you on the instructions and cleaned the pc inside out and yes it was pretty much covered in dust bunnies. Sadly the problem still persists. Any other ideas?
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