Does PCI 1.0 mobos support PCI 2.1 cards ???

Hi guys ..first lets make sure about which one is better & more usable PCI 2.1 cards or 2.0 ? because 5850 has both . which one i should buy ...& second Question is that GA P31 DS3L is little old mobo ...does it support PCI 2.1 CARDS Fully or it will LIMIT these CARDS ?
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  1. if you have a pcie 1.0 slot, i'd go with the 2.0 over the 2.1
  2. Yes they do, but only if the manufacterer of the Motherboard supplies a BIOS update that includes 2.1 support.

    To be safe just go with a 2.0 card.
  3. OK ...Some Brands of 5850 are 2.0 but some of them are 2.1 ..are 2.1 cards more powerfull than 2.0 ?? i have got 1 PCI slot ..but 5850 need 2 SLOTS any way will my mobo LIMIT this beauty even if i get 2.0 one of it ?
  4. CAN u please cheak my MOBO site & report that how much 5850 will be LIMITED on my MOBO . or maybe it wont be even LIMITED ..but i realy wanna buy 5850 with no Problem .
  5. your board will be able to accomidate the 5850 and you will only see a very slight drop in performance
  6. Will THAT Slight Drop of performance effect on the GAMES too ..i mean real 5850 gives 100% ...can you say with % much Perfomance Drop would be with % ?? & will Corsair 650 TX & 4 GB DDR 2 800 MHZ ram ... & Q9400 Quad Core CPU ..FIX this little PROBLEM . ?
  7. yes, it will be only about a 1-5% drop

    this is a limitation of your board, not the rest of your componenets

    you should have nothing to worry about
  8. Oh thanks ... But anyway ... if i had choose bettween 5850 PCI 2.1 & PCI 2.0
    which should i get to experience more PERFORMANCE ? & is it truth that GIGABYTE brand has more core clock than other cards like MSI or XFX or HIS or...
    Recomand me Best brand from { CLUB , MSI , His , Giga , XFX }
  9. all brands have the same basic speeds, the only difference is the overclocking ability and cooling options

    the best brands are probably xfx, asus, sapphire and gigabyte IMO
  10. Thanks & what about my first Q ? Which one should i go with for better perfomance ? PCI 2.1 or 2.0 version of 5850 ??
  11. 2.0 will be better for you
  12. Thanks Jefe .. & please tell me will it still be better than 2.1 even if i upgrade my MOBO to p45 ...? i wanna do this upgarde first ... 1. CPU q9400 Psu 650 after that 2.VGA 5850 & after all 3.Mobo P45 & DDr 3 rams ...maybe my case is little bad for them so after all maybe i upgarde my case too if i had HEAT problem ... will it be Great UPGRADES ...?
  13. if you are going to upgrade your board, look for one with a PCIe 2.0 or 2.1 x16 slot

    then you'll have nothing to worry about (in terms of performance drops)
  14. OK .. what do u think about P45-USB3 ... is it 2.0 or 2.1 ...? if it is not so Recomand me a cheap one that already has PCI 2.0 or 2.1 ..thanks
  15. looks like it is 2.0, which is good.

    you should be fine with that board, but you reallly don't need a new one. PCIe 1.0 x16 is fine. you'll hardly see any performance drop. i'd stick with your current board for now...
  16. Thats Great !! thanks jefe with this way ..i can UPGARDE my CPU .. PSU & VGA safly....& about q9400 i saw it already supported by my MOBO..i saw at list ..anywhere at sites on what do u think ..will Q9400 be limited or ..just be fine like 5850 ?? { thats my last question .. sorry !!}
  17. your cpu won't be limited
  18. THANKS A LOT i can happily go for my UPGAREDs ... THANKS again my friend
    ur comment was usefull .
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