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I was given a computer approx 5 yrs old. Want to add 'stuff' for my 10 yr old's gaming. Have Intel D915GAV MB, P4, XP Pro. Have replaced hard drive, increased ram to 3 gig, & will add audio & graphics cards. Need to replace ENLight GPS-300AB-100V power supply with one to run Asus ENGT240 graphics. An ATX12V 2.0 w/ 2x2 connectors is what original specs call for. Am I on track here? What supply would be recommended?
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  1. My graphics card calls for min of 450w system power w/ 12v current rating of 24a. Can I upgrade to that or more with this MB & processor? ...im not good on the electrical stuff at all. Thanks for your input. - jenny
  2. The GeForce GT 240 GPU card will draw a maximum of 5.75 Amps from the +12 Volt rail of the Power Supply Unit.

    It doesn't have or need a PCI-Express Supplementary power connector since it gets all of its power through the PCI-Express X16 slot (i.e. within the 75 Watt PCI-Express Slot power spec.).

    The Antec EA-380D Green Power Supply Unit, that rolli59 linked to, will do the job just fine.
  3. Wonderful! Thanks guys. :)
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