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Color Distortion..

Hey...... :D

I am a rabid collector of archaic video cards..
Naturally when my 5600XT AGP started acting up....
I was worried like hell....... :cry:
There is some weird color distortion in games....(3D Applications)
This doesn't happen when i am in 2D mode(browsing net)
Guys, You gotta save me! :cry:
I run at 1024x768
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  1. It might be a case of the card heating up.. The already aged cooling block on the card (including the fan if present) are probably finding it difficult to take up the strain caused by the 3D games.. Another guess may be the video driver..
  2. So should i manually increase the Fan Speed?
  3. No harm in trying that i guess..
  4. Could be a heat issue, thats easy to check. Blowing the dust and crud off wont hurt either.
    Also just as likely, the card is dying.
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