Building a gaming PC -HELP

:hello: Hey Guys!

So just recently I discovered the joy of gaming, unfortunately I can't run a lot of the games I own very well on my laptop! So being completely new to the world of gaming and not knowing a lot of about gaming PCs - I come to you all to help me build a PC that I can use.

So here are a few things I already own:

22" Hp monitor
Key board and Mouse
and well that is about all!

I have a budget of $500 CDN (but of course the lower the better)

So any ideas on what parts I would need to buy? :??: :D
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  1. See this article of course you're using Canadian dollars so it would come pretty close.
    They did a pretty job.This will give you some ideas.,2811.html
  2. thank you SOOO MUCH! (:
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