MSI Z68a-GD65: Please help with Drivers and Utilities


I am confused as to what drivers I want to install on my new build. As the title mentions, I have the MSI Z68a-GD65 motherboard. I am running an i7 2600k that I wish to overclock soon, I have a 128gb Crucial M4 SSD as my main drive along with Two Hitachi 1.5tb SATA III Drives that I wish to run in RAID 1.

I am very new to all of this computer building and I went to the MSI website looking for drivers and there are tons of options. I also have the CD that came with the motherboard which also has tons of options and I just have no idea which ones I want to install. I could really use to quick help so I can get my computer running correctly, so any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank You!
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    Download and install the following latest drivers from MSI's website:

    Intel Management Engine Driver
    Intel SandyBridge Chipset Driver
    Renesas USB3.0 Drivers
    Intel TPM Device Driver
    Realtek PCI-E Ethernet Drivers
    Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
    Marvell SATAIII Drivers
    Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver

    Download and install the Intel SandyBridge VGA Driver if you are going to be using the integrated GPU.

    Download and install the Lucid Virtu Driver if you are going to be using the integrated GPU and discrete graphics card(s).
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    I have downloaded and installed these, but have run into an issue. When I was trying to figure out what to install, I had inserted the disc and looked around and ever since have gotten this strange error whenever I start up my computer. the error says "BiosRomCheck: Driver Can't Load!"

    I have googled this and come across a couple threads about it in other forums:

    The second link seems to be more related given I have the same motherboard and the picture in the first post is exactly the Error I am getting. I have an MSI folder in the Program Files x86 folder containing the BiosRomCheck and MSI Live Update 5, Which I have uninstalled when dealing with this issue. I don't have any experience in the registry and just wondering what the best way to fix this would be. I don't really want to reinstall everything and go through that mess, not even sure what steps are required to do that.

    I don't know if there are any BIOS updates from the website I need to do and maybe that would fix the issue.

    Thank You.
  3. The MSI support DVD must have automatically installed an autorun application.

    Run the System Configuration utility that is included with the Windows Operating System. You will need administrator privileges.


    Click on the Startup tab page.

    In the list of programs that are automatically started when Windows starts you should see a list entry for the Startup Item for the MSI application that is causing the BiosRomCheck popup window to appear.

    Click on the Check Box next to that list entry to uncheck it. Click on the Apply command button. Click on the OK command button.

    Restart Windows and see if the problem has been resolved.
  4. This did work in resolving the issue, and given that the BiosRomCheck is such a small program anyway, I'm guessing it doesn't matter if it is left in the program files x86 folder.

    I know I keep asking questions, but I also ran into another issue and am currently contemplating doing a re-install of my system which would also take care of the BiosRomCheck issue and I can throw the MSI CD away and not run into the problem again. Since I am early on in the process of setting up my computer, I don't think it would be too difficult. If you have anything to add, it would be much appreciated. Nevertheless, you have been extremely helpful and I am grateful. This is a bit more off topic, but here is the thread:

    Thanks again!
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